Advantages of working with us

The company has a highly skilled staff. The elevator base for 500 thousand ton of products has been created. We have created friendly and partner relations with the large farms around the world.We have established an excellent relationship with large land international companies based on our network of loading containers.We are absolutely confident that we can provide our customers with quality service, including quality products and logistics services.

About us

It is well-known that Ukraine is located in the Eastern part of Europe, washed by the Black Sea and The Sea of Azov in the south and south-east. It borders on Poland, Slovakia and Hungary in the west, Belarus in the north, Romania and Moldova in the south-west and Russia in the east and north-east. Ukraine is called “the breadbasket of Europe.” Our company is one of the Ukrainian agrarian business division.

LLC “UKRAINIAN AGRO PRODUCT” – isthe 15-year experienced enterprise in the manufacturing, commercial, and industrial branches of agricultural production.

The company is located in Kiev, political, economic and cultural capital of Ukraine. The Quality Control Department officially authorized the import of different types of our products in Asia, Europe and Africa. The company has accumulated a rich experience in dealing with agricultural products for many years. The main direction of the company is the use of grains, oilseed and legume crops for food industry.

The company has 7 branches located in Africa, Asia and Europe.
The Company’s policy is to provide many aspects of services, including warehousing and transportation, which qualitatively and individually provide customer risk management.